Ikebana is the Japanese floral art. It is an independent art form, developed exclusively in Japan, and the Ikebana arrangement is intended to bring nature into the human environment. Through the arrangement, the designer represents both his relationship to nature and his respective feelings that move him during the design. In the classic schools of Ikebana, the respective season must always be recognizable through the selection of the material. In contrast to the decorative form of flower pinning in the western world, the Ikebana creates a harmony of linear structure, rhythm and color. While in the west the number and color of the flowers are emphasized and mainly the flowers are observed, the Japanese emphasize the linear aspects of the arrangement. In this art, vases, stems, leaves, branches and flowers are also considered. Most forms of Ikebana are based on the three lines shin, soe and tai, which symbolize heaven, earth and humanity.

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