Park golf is a modified form of golf. It was invented in Hokkaido, Japan in 1983. The aim of the game is to punch the ball with the least number of strokes. At the same time, it serves as a social occasion. You play in groups. It is suitable for people of almost all ages. A single racket and a ball are enough to play. The places are relatively short and the physical strain on the game is low. The cost of playing is small and the rules are simple. For this reason, it is a suitable activity for children and families. Most of the approximately 700,000 players in Japan are retired. They have time for that. For 4×9 holes you need about 3 hours and walk about 3 km. The International Park Golf Association has set limits on the length of park golf holes and courses. The maximum length for a single hole is 100 meters. A 9-hole golf course is limited to a total of 500 meters or less. The durable synthetic resin balls are brightly colored so that they can be easily distinguished from a distance. They come in many colors, but all are 60 mm in diameter and weigh less than 100 grams. The player with the lowest number of strokes across all courses is the winner, with the focus on the joy of play and nature. It is carefree and often quite loud. It is perfectly acceptable to laugh at others or at yourself when a blow fails. Or to comment on blows loudly.

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